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Vampirism is a physical and special transformation, which makes you unlock the power of the stone mask, for your ability of freely walking in the day, if you're not careful with the power of sun you will end up in bad places, and in worst cases, dead.

The stone mask[edit]

Firstly you will need to find a stone mask anywhere in the forest on a rainy night, the stone mask however has a 1% chance of being found in the forest outskirts, 5% chance in midway forest , and 9% chance of being found in the deep forest. The player will find a leathery briefcase while walking through the forest, by opening the briefcase player finds an "ugly face carved into stone", the player decides to keep it.

Take it where it belongs[edit]

The player will be needed to take the mask to the museum, and show it to winter, winter lifts their eyebrow and makes the player follow her into a chamber, the player finds out that the mask you are holding is one of the aztec's ritual items, Winter wishes to have the mask, so the player makes a deal that you will be able to examine the mask while it's in the museum, winter agrees.

Power of the mask[edit]

After this interaction the player will be able to examine the mask in the museum, if the player wishes to learn the masks true poo power, you will be needed to examine it 6 times, at the final examination player will learn how to properly use the mask, the player will react differently depending on how much trauma you have.(Over 2500 points of trauma needed)

Without trauma Giving up humanity seem a little too expensive to pay. Also, never see the sun again? This is ridiculous. No one should use this, it's too risky. You're not the one to judge this, though.

With trauma Inhuman strength... Eternal life... This trade seems fair enough. Now that you know how to use it, you could put it on. You don't have much to lose anyway.

Using the mask[edit]

(If you are a master at hamon the mask will be even more powerful)

Players with trauma will be desperate enough for power to use the mask, when you put the mask towards your face and smear blood all over, it will force itself upon your skull, Moments later you open your eyes. The mask falls to the ground, as well as your entire body. Some time later you get to your feet, and put the Stone Mask back to its stand.

Is this what you wanted?[edit]

After a day passes the player will find their fangs, blood red eyes and thirst for blood.

Players who have mastered hamon however will find out that they are turning into a god,however you are in agony, is this what it's like being a god, your eyes start to glow hear a voice... your most powerful in the world.


Being a vampire will make you forced to move only at the night, or else it will be very painful if the sun hits you, and you will get thirst for blood, which will get you stressed if it's not satiated, you will be able to suck the blood of those you seduced with your hypnotizing eyes, or your foes which dared to attack you.