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For accurate information about the original Stand, visit Purple Haze

Haze is a Fighting skill Stand, with no preference in submissiveness, thus a "mid submissiveness" Stand. Submissiveness ranges from 851 to 1149, and has no trait associated with it. Different from all other Stands, Haze must be summoned manually in combat, and might act on its own, ignoring its user. Haze is also the only Stand that can harm and kill its user (go to Araki Mode for more info about killing and dying). Haze can evolve into a more powerful form called Distortion.

A humanoid-looking creature, with skin colored in a checkered white and purple manner, striped yellow eyes and a sewed mouth. Wears a dark purple helmet with a purple visor, covering most of its face; black shoulder pads and knee braces; a short purple cape extends to its feet.
Sprite made by Hero


Haze's stats

Haze is a close range powerful Stand, who can use its punches to crack open bulbs of deadly viruses located in its fists. These viruses are extremely harmful to opponents and the user alike, capable of finishing off (and killing) a person in mere seconds.

  • Power: 8 - Can easily break a stone wall with punches alone. When used on a person,
    there is a high probability of bone breaking.
  • Speed: 7 - Punches way faster than any human could, and can react to bullet speed
  • Range: 4 - Can move away from its user up to approximately 5 meters, its power diminishes the farther away from the user past a 2-meter range. Viruses also have a 5-meter range from their source.
  • Durability: 1 - Very frail, will suffer from outside damage the same way a newborn kitten would. Viruses also can infect its user, reducing its defensive capabilities slightly.
  • Potential: 8/10 - Fulfills its purpose as a Fighting type Stand flawlessly, being capable of defeating and killing single and multiple enemies alike in a single punch. Struggles slightly against greater ranged opponents. Has the capability of evolving and becoming much stronger, and safer for its user.


Haze is a unique Stand that has a mind of its own. It must be summoned in combat to be used, and most of the time can be called back into inactivity. Low-Mastery users won't be able to control the Stand at all, and will instead be left at its mercy. Gaining Mastery will allow the user to direct the Stand, however it might disobey at any point, especially if the user is endangered. The more dire the situation, the more aggressive Haze will be. As a result the user might lose control of it completely, in which case Haze will blindly attack even friendly people.

Haze's main ability is to use its viruses against the opponent.


Viruses can be released from the Stand's bulbs, located in its fists. To break open one of the bulbs, the latter must collide with something. Viruses will be released and stay in the air around the Stand. The maximum amount of bulbs Haze can carry is six (6), and bulbs regrow with time. Greater Mastery will increase the speed of regeneration, starting at one bulb per 24 hours.

In order to damage the opponent, viruses must infect a target. Once infected, the victim will start reproducing more viruses inside of themselves, which will consume their insides at an incredible pace. Viruses won't stop consuming the target until there's only a pile of necrosed meat and skin left. The user cannot stop the infection, and any infected person will die if not treated properly. The user can treat the infection by going to the hospital, where someone will do their best to save them.

Viruses are weak to sunlight, and therefore will die and be rendered useless when touched by it (only applies to viruses in the air, not inside bodies). Different weather and periods of the day will vary the amount of sunlight capable of neutralizing the viruses. Viruses can't be affected by sunlight when inside buildings.

Weather Dawn and Dusk Day
Sunny 50% 100%
Overcast 20% 50%
Rain or Snow 10% 25%


The user (or the Stand itself) might want to choose how to punch so as to make better use of available bulbs.

The careful punch will deal less damage than the others, but won't break open any virus capsules. This can be used to avoid an infection when away from the hospital or preserve bulbs.

The regular punch will break one bulb open and infect the target immediately. Viruses will be spread through the air as well.

The strong punch deals significant damage to the target and breaks open two bulbs at the same time, but the target will NOT be infected on the spot. Instead, all viruses will be released to the air.

Other Abilities

The punching barrage will always break open all remaining bulbs and infect the target all at the same time.

With enough Mastery, Bulb Shot will be available to use. Can only be used if there's at least one bulb remaining. Haze will pressurize and shoot one bulb at a target, infecting it and spreading viruses through the air. Bulbs shot this way can hit targets up to 5 meters away.


As viruses can be extremely harmful to the user as well, methods to mitigate the effects of the viruses were implemented.

  • Using a surgical mask can minimize the amount of viruses entering the user's body. When using one, all infections will be set to 1, instead of all viruses in the air.
  • Going to the hospital is the first way to cure oneself. The process is painful, but the infection will disappear instantly. After the first hospital visit while being infected, the pharmacy will sell a pill to decrease the viruses' lethality.
  • The mysterious pill will decrease all virus effects by 90%, and the virus won't be able to kill its victims anymore. The pill's effects last for one day.
  • Once Haze achieves Distortion the viruses become easier to deal with. Getting some Mastery will allow for self-disinfection.


Distortion loses its cape, and visor becomes slightly more transparent. Its mouth becomes free.
Sprite made by Hero

For accurate information about this form, visit Purple Haze Distortion

With enough Mastery, Haze will be able to achieve its final form, Distortion. Distortion can be activated at any time, both inside and outside combat. It will always obey its user's command without question. Distortion's viruses are 3 times stronger than normal ones, both in damage and sunlight resistance, but these stronger versions of the virus will eat themselves away if too close to one another. Stronger versions of the virus will also seek and eat away weaker versions, eliminating all of them currently in the air and inside one's body.

Distortion's stats

In terms of stats, Haze gains some precision, enough for it to control viruses in a very rudimentary manner, but its area of effect decreases as viruses have a harder time spreading without killing themselves.


Blackened effect means mastery will not decrease past this point once achieved.

Mastery Effect
95 The user can now choose the Stand's action.
100 Enables a punching barrage with 4 cost.
150 Enables "Bulb Shot" with 1 cost.
175 Punching barrage costs 3.
190 The Stand will obey its user's orders more frequently.
250 Punching barrage costs 2.
325 Punching barrage costs 1.
400 Bulbs regenerate once every 12 hours.*
500 Enables "Distortion".**
525 "Distortion" can disinfect the user.
600 Bulbs regenerate once every 6 hours.*
800 Bulbs regenerate every 3 hours.*
1000 Bulbs regenerate every hour.*

*If there are less than 5 available bulbs at the moment, one will regenerate immediately.
**The moment 500 mastery is achieved, if inside a combat, Haze will enter Distortion immediately.