Playable Character's Stands

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Warning! Spoilers ahead! If you haven't experienced those in the game or haven't seen them in the works (both show and manga), you might want to get out of here!

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In the world of Dobl a Stand is the physical manifestation of a character's Willpower, bound to their personality. A character can first awake a Stand power by increasing their own Willpower. After that, the Stand will take form based on some aspects of the character's personality (namely one of their skills and, most of the time, submissiveness).

Getting a nameless Stand

  • A nameless stand appears after the player has had "You are determined"(600 points of willpower) in their characteristics for 10 days in a row, after that there won't be any decay no matter the willpower.

Dream Sequence

For more details about the Stand-get dream sequence, visit Stand Dream Sequence

  • The name of your nameless stand will be chosen by your personality and skills, as soon as you are specialised in one of the many skills(sex, regular, English) you will dream of manifesting your stand, What stand you will get is based on your submissivness and what skill you will choose. The table below shows what stand you can get.

Types of Stand

Caption text
Stand Skill Submissiveness
The World Fighting Low
Star Platinum Fighting Low
Purple Haze Fighting Medium
Crazy Diamond Fighting High
Gold Experience Tending low
harvest Tending High
Magician's Red Dancing low
Red Hot Chili Pepper Dancing Medium
Echos Dancing High
Unreleased Stand Swimming low
HierophantGreen Swimming High
Silver Chariot Athletics Low
Sticky Fingers Athletics High
Hermit Purple Skulduggery Low
Cinderella Skulduggery High
Killer Queen Skulduggery Medium
Bastet Sexual skills High
Spice Girl Sexual skills Low
Heaven's Door English ????


  • Describe how stats work, exemplifying each rank per number. Potential works differently in the game than the wiki shows.


  • Mastery is a measurement of how much the user used their stand (i think?????) and is raised by using the stand, however it is recommended to use the stand often and not neglect its usage since if you dont use it, mastery decreases