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Training consistently at the waterfall will make you worthy of the Sun technique. With it, you can use a powered up left and right punch that heals you, a powered up kick that heals you, and an incredibly powerful attack meant to be used by both hands at the same time. Pain will be relieved faster.

The waterfall

At any day, and any weather, in the lake's waterfall, you will meet a strange man which will teach you the secret techniques of the ancient warriors of the sun tribe. He disappears and leaves the player with newfound knowledge.

Training montage, go!

To further learn about the power of hamon till mastering it, you will need to train on a clear & sunny day, one training session will give you 0.5 points, with a decay of 1 point per day.

Your Progress

You will progress as such:

  • You have begun your training to be a hamon user (10 points of hamon training)
  • You can feel the sun's energy calling for you (20 points of hamon training)
  • You begin to understand the importance of breathing. (30 points of hamon training)
  • You are able to maintain your special breathing at all times. (40 points of hamon training)
  • You are able to pierce solid objects and living beings with your Hamon. (50 points of hamon training)
  • You have mastered the Hamon. (60 points of hamon training)
Becoming rusty

Because of the hamon point decay or as the game calls it "becoming rusty" You will need to upkeep your training, the points for hamon points maximum threshold is at 100. If you do not upkeep your training for hamon, your character will start becoming worse at hamon:

  • You have turned your back to the Hamon. (Under 60 points)
  • Your Hamon has weakened. (Under 50 points)*
  • You lost too much focus on your special breathing. (Under 40 points)
  • You couldn't keep your breathing. (Under 30 points)
  • The sun overlooked you. (Under 20 points)
  • You feel lazy. (Under 10 points)


You get these after becoming a regular hamon user.

1. Regular punches turn into "Zoom punches", stronger punches which relieve your pain.

2. Kick turns into "Hamon kick", a stronger version of your regular kick which relieves your pain.

After becoming a Master at hamon you will unlock the "Sunlight Yellow Overdrive" which is stronger when used with both hands.