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List of questions

Q: What does this mod add?

A: In a quick sum, lots of JoJo-themed additions following the game's design.
Hamon, vampirism, and Stands work as transformations in the game, with small differences.
Two new locations: the Bunker and the Gym, both tied to defiant/aggressive actions. Check each's specific page for more details. More locations to come!
A new NPC who takes care of the Gym. And Jotaro as an NPC, who guards the Bunker. More characters to come!
A new background that will help getting a Stand.
Some new clothes, based on clothes seen in the show, as well as a very familiar hair style. More clothes and hair styles to come!
New events, a new combat type and, soon enough, new threats.
Check Mechanic changes for miscellaneous changes to the base game.

Q: How do I become a Vampire?

A: Check Vampire for more details. Basically:

  • Look for the Stone Mask at the forest during a rainy night.
  • Study the Mask at the Museum.
  • Have high Trauma.
  • Do NOT be a Joestar.

Q: How do I kill?

A: First, enable Araki Mode in Settings -> Game Settings.
Then, go to Attitudes and, in the option "How will you deal with aggressors?", select anything but "Running away".
Once you meet the requirements (Either: having 11.000 physique; 700 Fighting Skill; being either a Wolf or a Demon + having 5.000 physique; having a Stand that can fight; being a Vampire) you will receive a prompt to kill people you defeat in combat (or kill them without a prompt if you chose "Killing them").
Keep in mind there are some places where you can't kill people (such as underwater), and Angels cannot kill.

Q: Can I kill Bailey?

A: Killing love interests, people of interest, and special NPCs is not currently possible. These NPCs require a lot of work and preparation before being killable. It will happen eventually, but expect this to take a while.

Q: Will you add more Stands?

A: Simply put, yes. But I value quality over quantity overwhelmingly. Don't expect me to add Stands that do the exact same as other Stands already in the game, just for content. The only exception to this rule is The World and Star Platinum, since they are so iconic to the entire series.
Planned Stands in the foreseeable future:

  • Bad Company
  • Love Deluxe
  • Weather Report
  • Tusk

Some Stands I will not add include King Crimson (too complex to code), The Hand/Cream (overpowered one trick ponies), your general Part 3 Stand that only do fighting.

Q: Will you add Gold Experience Requiem/The World: Over Heaven?

A: How rude of you to ask such a thing. I will add Requiem for every single playable Stand in the game, canon or not. But don't expect this to happen anytime soon. Creating a new Stand is incredibly hard, especially on the design department. Patience is a virtue, and it rewards greatly.
Over Heaven is simply another name for "evolved Stand", as is Requiem. So, for the sake of consistency, all evolved forms will be called Requiem (including The World/Star Platinum, which would be Over Heaven).

Q: Will NPCs be able to use Stands?

A: Yes. This has been in my plans since the very beginning, but it's hard work. I need to focus first on the player aspect of the game, and then the opponents. Important NPCs (NPCs with a name) will also have Named Stands with exclusive abilities, designed by yours truly and the community.

Q: Do you have an ETA for the next update/patch/addition?

A: I can't work with dates. Voluntarily working on something always come with the risk of all kinds of issues, especially in regards to money. So if life hits hard, I won't be able to keep working. I try my best to do as much as I can whenever I work, while also avoiding burning out (like I did in 2021). Also, as of currently, the only programmer in this project is me. As much as my fellow spriters and writers help me, there's a limit at how fast everything can proceed when you lack people on the most important part of the job.

Q: How do I meet Jotaro?

A: The Bunker had been temporarily disabled
You can find him guarding the Bunker during the night. After beating him, he will introduce himself.
Alternatively, if you awake a Stand, he will come after you in the Orphanage during the morning after a random period of time ranging from 1 to 3 weeks.

Q: Where's Jotaro's quest?

A: Still to be implemented. Keep an eye out for story mode expansion!